SofTouch™ Lips & Eyes

SofTouch™ Lips & Eyes is the gentlest form of cosmetic tattoo lip and eye enhancement. Our program involves the artistry of semi-permanent eyeliner (top, bottom or lash line enhancement) as well as semi-permanent lip enhancement (lip liner, blush lips, full lips).

SofTouch™ techniques are done using a handheld tool, not a digital machine. The results are very natural and soft, and allow the student greater control and keeps the price of the course down.

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DAY ONE - 6 hrs

  • Introduction to SofTouch™ technique

  • Safety and Sanitation procedures

  • Colour Theory, color blending

  • Proper Blade Sizes for Application

  • Proper Design and Measurements of Lips

  • Introduction To Lip BlushTechnique

  • Introduction To Eyeliner Technique (top and bottom)

  • Student Practice on Latex Skin

  • Anaesthetic Application

DAY TWO - 6 hrs

  • Practical Hands-on training with latex model

  • Demo: Table Setup

  • Trainer Demonstration on both Lip Blush and Eyeliner upper and lower

  • Homework assignment

DAY THREE - 6 hrs

  • Student Lip Blush Model AM

  • Student Eyeliner  upper and lower Model PM




601 Tradewind Dr Unit #2

Ancaster, ON L9G 4V5


  • September 27 to 30, 2021

  • October 25 to 28, 2021


$2,500 +tax

Taxes Not Included


 Includes: MICHA SofTouch™ Kit & Certificate.


Two day course. 


Prerequisite: None

At-Home Work: 2 months to work on and submit 2 Lip & 2 Eye models for review.



  • 7 x Pigment Creamel Bottles

  • (rose red, plump red, bright red, pink, neutral flesh, taupe, bright orange)

  • 15M Micro Needle x 5

  • 14CF Micro Needle x 5

  • 5R Micro Needle x 5

  • 7R Micro Needle x 5

  • 9R Micro Needle x 5

  • Organizing Tray with Plastic Cup

  • SPMU After Care

  • Brow Harp Shaper

  • Dental Roll (20pk)

  • Numbing Cream Zensa

  • FLAT Micro Needle x 5

  • Pigment Ring with Foam (5pk)

  • 4 GROUP Micro Needle x 5

  • Micro Brush Swabs (100pk)

  • Semi 3 in 1 Pen

  • Lip Pencil, Lip Marker

  • Specialty Mask

  • Practice Skin x 3

  • Thank You/ After Care Cards (10pk)

  • Poster, Window Decal

  • Professional Manual, Certificate

  • ARTISTA  Beauty Case