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Russian Volume Lashing utilizes the application of multiple fine, thin, fluffy lash extension “fans” to a single natural lash. They differ from traditional eyelash extensions in this way. Volume lashes are lightweight, allowing the technician to apply 2-6 extensions per natural lash.Regular extensions are far too heavy to apply using this method.This course offers in depth coaching on how to consult each individual client and how to achieve different thicknesses with volume lashes (2D – 6D).


This course also includes learning the MEGA technique.

The newest craze in full, jaw-dropping volume, Mega Lashes are super-fine (0.03 & 0.05mm) lashes applied to the natural lash. Unlike traditional Russian volume, which "caps out" at 6D volume (6 extensions per natural lash), Mega Lash's extremely 

light weight design allows the technician to fabricate lash fans from 8D to 15D!  This course teaches students the fundamentals of Mega Lashing. From how to map the natural lashes for this technique, to the proper way to hold tweezers to craft delicate fans from 8D - 15D, to swiftly applying said fans to the natural eyelash, students will learn it all!

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DAY ONE - 6hrs

  • Introduction to MICHA Volume

  • Safety and Sanitation

  • Introduction to Volume Lash Weights

  • Demo: How to Style/Map Volume Extensions

  • Demo: 2D – 6D Fan Creation

  • Demo: 8D-15D Fan Creation

  • Adhesive How-To: Dipping and Troubleshooting

  • Layering Volume Extensions

  • Student Practice

DAY TWO - 6hrs

  • Trainer Demonstration

  • Additional Student Practice

  • Students Practice on their chosen Model

  • Students Practise Mega on their chosen Model



601 Tradewind Dr Unit #2

Ancaster, ON L9G 4V5


October 6 & 7, 2021

November 1 & 2, 2021


$1,100.00 +Tax

Taxes Not Included


Includes: MICHA Russian Volume Certificate.


Two day course.


Prerequisite: Must have MICHA Classic Lash Certificate .

In-Class models to be reviewed by trainer during class time



  • MLMJ 05 Mix,MLMC 05 Mix,MLMD 05 Mix,MLMJ 07 Mix,MLMC 07 Mix

  • MLMC 03 Mix, CAMELLIA 03(9-12mm)

  • Ultra Bond Glue (Blue Cap)

  • MICHA Primer

  • Protein Remover Primer/Liquid

  • Under Eye Gel Pad

  • Disposable Glue Ring

  • U-Shaped Crystal Plate

  • MICHA Tweezer-Straight

  • MICHA Tweezer-Volume

  • MICHA Tweezer-Mega Volume

  • Surgical 3M Tape

  • Disposable Mascara Wands(10pk)

  • Lint Free Applicator(10Pk)

  • Window Decal,Thank You Cards,Poste

  • Certificate & Manual

  • Small Beauty Case