Includes: MICHA Classic Student Kit and Certificate.


Two day course.


Prerequisite: None.

At-Home Work: 2 months to work on and submit 5 models for review.

En vogue gel nail progrAMS

We offer a variety of EnVogue gel nail programs!


EnVogue Natural Nail Care (lvl 1)

$750.00 plus tax

24 Hours ( 4 x 6 Hour Days)

Cert for each class

Kit not included (Class kit extra)


Natural Nail Overlay with fibre Gel and Lac IT! Gel Polish lvl 2

$350.00 plus tax

12 Hours ( 2 x 6 hour Days)

Prereqs - lvl 1

Simply! Line Nail Enhancements ( Natural and French) lvl 3

$895.00 plus tax

24 Hours ( 4 x 6 Hour Days)

EnVogue Professional Gel Nail Sculpting Class A1

$955.00 plus tax

36 Hours (6 x 6 Hour Days)

EnVogue Sculpted Stiletto Advance Class A2

$999.00 plus tax

24 Hours (4 x 6 Hour Days)

We also offer upgrading and add on EnVogue Courses!!

2019 Summer and Fall Schedule

Please contact us at #905-648-1191 or email us at for a full list of upcoming training dates!

We run classes on Monday-Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Advanced EnVogue Classes

E-File Speed Advanced Class (Optional 1)

1/2 Day Class

$299.00 Plus Tax

EnVogue Systems Conversion Class (Opt)

1 Day Class

$399.00 Plus Tax

EnVogue Glitter and Glam Nail Art Class (Opt)

1/2 Day Class

$299.00 Plus Tax