This is a combination of two techniques; Microblading and Brow Shadowing. Beauty trends are always evolving, and that is why this winning combination was created. The look is that of well-defined brow hair strokes with the soft look of the Ombre effect. 


Ombre is a gentle microblading technique using our specialty SofTouch needles and dotting technique to create a soft shading brow effect. Ombre offers you a soft and natural finish for those individuals looking for a subtler effect than traditional microblading.


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DAY ONE - 6 hrs

  • Introduction and Microblading theory

  • Color theory and color blending

  • Tools of the trade

  • Sanitation and safe practices

  • Skin histology and proper depth penetration

  • Brow mapping, measuring and design

  • Hair stroke variations

  • Correction and removal techniques

  • Brow shapes

  • All about topical anesthetics

DAY TWO - 6 hrs

  • Live demonstration by educator stroke and shading techniques.

  • Student practical time

  • Brow sketching and designs 

  • Practice strokes using latex skin

  • Homework assignment

DAY THREE - 6 hrs

  • Am -Model #1

  • Pm - Model #2

  • Written exam



601 Tradewind Dr Unit #2

Ancaster, ON L9G 4V5


Classes will be available upon the Reopening of Stage 3 as per Health Canada Guidelines



Taxes Not Included

ONILINE Training coming soon

Includes: MICHA DuoBrows Kit and Certificate.


Three day course.


Prerequisite: None

In-class models to be reviewed by Trainer during class time.



  • 9 Pigment Bottles

  • Surgical Marker with Ruler x2

  • Micro Needle 7CF (5 pieces)

  • Micro Needle 9CF (5 pieces)

  • Micro Needle 12CF (5 pieces)

  • Mico Needle 14CF (5 pieces)

  • Micro Needle 14 U (5 pieces)

  • 1x12CF & 1x 7CF Disposable Pen 

  • Ring Ink Cup (10 pack)

  • H Agent

  • Sketching Pencil x 2 (Black & Brown)

  • Practice Skin (4pcs)

  • 12 x R Needles Mixed (5,7,9,19)

  • 5 x Flat Needles

  • 5 x 4 Group Needles

  • Double Headed Microblading Pen

  • 1 x pack of Microbrush Swabs

  • 1 x Surgical Marker with Ruler

  • Measuring Caliper

  • Zensa Topical Anesthetic (30ML)

  • Brow Measuring Stencil (Ruler Clear)

  • Thank You/After Care Cards (pk of 10)

  • Window Decal

  • Microblading Brochure

  • Aluminium Kit Case